I worked as one of two programmers on machineers from January 2013 to June 2015, helping getting the game released on Steam, App Store, Google Play and Windows Store (WP8 and Windows 8) implementing platform specific features such as in app purchases, achievements, cloud save and leaderboards.

My work on Machineers as a programmer started as the project was transformed from a school project to a game company. Some of my first tasks were to transform the old xml-based dialogues into an easy to use dialogue system, dividing the dialogue tree and dialogue text completely, allowing for easy editing and translation without the designers having to worry about xml syntax. I added utility functions to core game elements, eliminating many hours of previously required manual work when setting up puzzles.

Creating second episode of the game I created many puzzles from scratch, and completely rewrote the input system, allowing for smooth transitions between touch screen, mouse and keyboard and controller support, allowing us to target both phones, tablets, PC and Steam Machines.