Game Jams

Since I in 2008 was a participant at UNF Game Development Camp, I've attended many game jams. I like the relief of spending a weekend doing something clever or stupid, and knowing it won't matter the coming Monday. Sometimes I aim for making a good game while other times I just prefer to play with new technologies and make absolutely nothing! Enough talk, here are a few games:

Most tech prize at Exile Fall Jam 2013. Written in Java and C++, using the OculusRift and a single motion sensor (for flap detection) to control an AR Drone.

Second place at Nordic Game Jam 2012. Atmospheric puzzle game made with Unity. Based on the theme "Oroborus" we located a dying plant in at the bottom of a cave with no hope of escaping (plants can't walk), its only option is to spit its seed and hope for a better future for the next flower.

Winner at Exile Spring Jam 2011. Silly duel on a doomed planet, between red and blue with each their mortar canon, as if the falling meteors wasn't doing enough damage already. Rules are simple don't get shot and don't fall into the core (the later happening more often than one should think).

Winner at USU Jam 2013. Solo project made with Unity, using modified textures from CG Textures. Most of my time was spent perfecting the snake-like movement of the dragons. The rocks/level bounds are made using a simple editor script converting a 2D polygon collider into a simple mesh.

Dragon Game
Dragon Game